An image showing electrical infrastructure with utility poles and a large transmission tower alongside greenery and a wall near a street under a cloudy sky.

Tulum City Center Plunged into Darkness: What Caused the Shocking Blackout?

The city center of Tulum experienced a blackout just before midnight on Monday, due to a service failure from the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE). The blackout reportedly started around 10:30 PM, affecting the tourist and commercial hub of the city.

The exact cause of this latest CFE service failure remains unknown. However, it seems to be one of several recent blackouts across the country, potentially due to overheating of the supply lines.

Social media users have reported this failure, noting that it is one of many that have occurred in different parts of the municipality in recent days.

As expected, the power outage had a significant impact on local businesses. Hotels, restaurants, and shops serving both foreign and national tourists were affected during the blackout.

The blackout lasted approximately two hours. By dawn, the CFE had restored the electricity service.

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