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“Unlocking the Secrets of Quintana Roo’s Tourism Revolution”

Quintana Roo's government, via the Quintana Roo Tourism Promotion Council (CPTQ), has kickstarted the "Mexican Caribbean New Era" campaign. The initiative aims to establish the region as the world's leading destination, with a focus on cultural and environmental preservation, economic sustainability, and fair profit distribution.

Governor Mara Lezama explained that the campaign offers a fresh approach to tourism. It seeks to connect visitors with the Mayan culture and the industry's latest developments, while actively involving communities in the southern regions, where Quintana Roo's history, traditions, and origins are deeply rooted.

Lezama stated, "For the first time, our tourism policy and promotion are merging into one strategy. This includes creating dignified jobs and investing in basic services that protect and stimulate the economy."

The new era of the Mexican Caribbean boasts new infrastructure, business venues, increased air connectivity, and a unique train. It offers a transformative travel experience across 12 significant destinations.

The authorities listed ten reasons why the Mexican Caribbean is the world's top beach destination:

  1. Exceptional Accessibility: Four international airports handle over 33 million passengers.
  2. Global Air Connectivity: Direct flights to 134 cities worldwide.
  3. Transport Innovation: A train under development will further connect the region.
  4. Cultural Epicenter: Immersion in Mayan, Mexican, and Caribbean traditions.
  5. Diverse Paradise: Twelve unique paradises offer a variety of experiences and landscapes.
  6. Extensive Hotel Options: Over 130,000 rooms available.
  7. Something for Everyone: The Mexican Caribbean caters to all types of travelers.
  8. Constant Innovation: New projects and experiences are continually being developed.
  9. Premier Cruise Destination: Welcomes over 1,500 cruises and 6 million cruisers.
  10. Tourism-Driven Economy: Generates $21 billion and maintains an impressive average occupancy rate of 85%.
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Lezama further added that the Mexican Caribbean has all the elements to be a global tourism leader. She stated, "Through a strong team, sector, and strategy, we will show the world that the Mexican Caribbean is undoubtedly the world's best destination."

She highlighted that Quintana Roo continues to shine in global tourism, with the Hotel Impression Isla Mujeres By Secrets in Costa Mujeres winning the World's Most Instagrammable Hotel Awards 2024, awarded by Luxury Travel Advisor.

Lezama concluded by saying, "This transformation underscores the importance of investment and top-tier service in this new era, where even hotels compete to be the most Instagrammable."