A group of eight individuals, including military personnel and civilians, smiling and posing together at a formal event with a festive backdrop.

Isla Mujeres Navy Day Festival Draws Crowds with Artistic Celebration

In honor of Navy Day, the Municipal Government of Isla Mujeres hosted a vibrant artistic-cultural festival. The event took place at the Explanade of the Municipal Palace and attracted a large crowd of local families and tourists.

The festival featured a wide-ranging artistic-musical program. During the festivities, acting mayor Amada Alejandra Peniche Hernández crowned Valeria Aranza Avilés de la O as the Ambassador of the Navy Festivities for 2024.

The evening event was a hit, with hundreds of attendees enjoying performances by dance groups "Añoranzas de Isla Mujeres", "Al son del corazón", and "Alma Caribeña".

Navy Day is celebrated annually on June 1st to raise awareness and appreciation for the active national maritime sector of the country.

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