Tragic Murder in Puerto Morelos: Resident Gunned Down at Home!

A man was tragically gunned down at the entrance of his home in Puerto Morelos on Tuesday, May 28. Early reports suggest that the victim was standing outside his house in the Zetina Gasca neighborhood around 10:00 p.m when he was fatally shot multiple times by armed assailants.

Local residents initially mistook the gunfire for firecrackers being set off by a child. Upon venturing outside, they were met with the horrifying sight of a man lying in a pool of blood. The victim's dogs, believed to be around 60 years old, stood guard over him until the arrival of officials from the Forensic Medical Service (Semefo).

The victim, known to be a transporter, was reportedly targeted by attackers who arrived in a white car, opened fire, and then sped away. His body has been taken to the morgue where it will undergo a mandatory autopsy. Following the necessary legal procedures, the body will be released to any individual who comes forward to claim it for funeral rites.

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