Two members of the security forces standing beside a table with several packages, possibly containing seized narcotics, in front of a banner with "MARINA" on it.

Mexican Navy Seizes Massive Cannabis Resin Haul near Playacar Beach

The Mexican Navy, under the guidance of the Ninth Naval Region, recently announced a significant seizure near Playacar beach. Personnel from the Fifteenth Naval Zone discovered a bundle containing 28 packages, suspected to be used for drug trafficking.

While conducting a surveillance patrol along the coastline, the naval officers found a plastic bundle. The bundle was sealed with tan tape and contained 28 packages. Inside these packages was a green resin, leading to the seizure of the substances.

The confiscated packages were handed over to the General Prosecutor's Office in Cancun, Quintana Roo. They weighed approximately 32 kilograms and are believed to contain Cannabis Sativa L. resin, a substance classified as a narcotic. The seized materials will be included in the ongoing investigation.

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