Unprecedented Seaweed Invasion Hits Playa Norte – See How Isla Mujeres Fights Back!

In response to an unusual surge of seaweed washing up on the shores of Playa Norte, the Isla Mujeres municipal government, led by Mayor Atenea Gómez Ricalde, has amplified efforts to keep the beaches clean and seaweed-free. The unexpected seaweed influx, which occurred a few days ago due to adverse weather conditions, has prompted the activation of a dedicated Seaweed Operation to tackle the issue and restore the beauty of this iconic beach.

Mayor Atenea Gómez Ricalde emphasized the collective effort behind the operation. "This operation has brought together collaborators from all City Council departments, fishermen from the Temporary Employment Program, the Mexican Navy, street vendors, and local merchants. Everyone is pitching in to support our Zofemat warriors," she said.

Dayana Alejandra Pérez Medina, Director of the Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone Directorate (Zofemat) in Isla Mujeres, revealed that a total of 200 people are participating in the operation. From the break of dawn, these dedicated individuals are working tirelessly to remove the seaweed from the beach. "As of midday today, we have removed a total of 364 tons of seaweed. However, the clean-up will continue in the coming days until the beach is completely free of seaweed," she stated. Medina also invited local families to join the brigade that starts work at 06:00 hours.