A juxtaposition of severe weather and city life with vehicles braving through heavy rain, strong winds, and an ominous fiery glow in the background, as a large inflatable pig structure looks on from the roadside.

“Breaking: Fire at Pig Beach Causes Chaos – Operations Resume Tomorrow!”

A video on social media yesterday showed a fire breaking out at the popular Pig Beach in the port of Progreso. The fire was caused by a strong wind that knocked down an electrical power cable from the Federal Electricity Commission onto a tree, setting it alight.

Thankfully, the quick response of the Ecological Police, who patrol the tourist area, ensured the safety of all. They swiftly secured the area and evacuated visitors. They also called in support from firefighters and the Municipal Police, who alerted the state corporation.

The head of the Ecological Police Unit, Obdulio Mena Sanchez, has clarified that the fire was caused by a high-voltage cable falling on a tree, not by lightning as was initially reported on social media. Mena Sanchez also confirmed that both the staff and the resident pigs at Pig Beach are safe and unaffected. The facilities were also not damaged in the incident.

As a result, Pig Beach will be able to resume normal operations from tomorrow. The beach is closed today, Monday, for safety reasons.

Mena Sanchez also encourages the public to stay informed about the services offered by this family-friendly destination. He recommends following the official accounts of the City Council for the most accurate and up-to-date information.