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“Exposing Corruption in Cancún’s Transit Directorate: Councilwoman’s Shocking Revelations!”

Councilwoman Alma Elena Reynoso has identified Cancún's Transit Directorate as the most significant obstacle in the battle against corruption. Despite some progress in improving the conduct of the municipal security forces and reducing corruption, the Transit Directorate remains a major challenge.

Reynoso, who is the Chairwoman of the Citizen Security, Preventive Police and Transit Commission, highlighted the variation in corruption levels across different directorates. She noted, "Not every directorate is equally problematic. Some may have more issues than others. The Transit Directorate, for instance, has some issues, but it also has some very good elements within it."

She stressed the importance of reporting any incidents of corruption, stating, "If you're a victim of corruption, you must report it. Without a complaint, there is no crime."

Reynoso revealed that the Transit Directorate is often one of the most corruption-prone areas within the government. While she acknowledged progress in Benito Juarez, especially when compared to directorates in Tulum or Solidaridad, she emphasized that there is still much work to be done.

She has personally filed four complaints against Transit Directorate staff for bribery, leading to two dismissals and two administrative sanctions. These actions were only possible due to the detailed complaints and reports provided.

Reynoso noted a decrease in corruption within Cancún's Transit Directorate and encouraged citizens to report any issues. She said, "People often think corruption is rampant because of one or five bad individuals, when in reality, there are over 200 honest members in the Directorate."

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She credited the reduction in corruption to various programs, including tourist passes, certifications, and training from the Police Academy. These initiatives aim to improve the image and conduct of the Municipal Citizen Security Secretariat as a whole.

Reynoso also highlighted the importance of recognizing the positive actions of Secretariat members, such as a recent incident where a Transit agent rescued a baby from a car accident, or another instance where a Secretariat ambulance assisted in childbirth.