Promotional poster for Cozumel at the International Pueblos Magicos Fair in San Antonio, Texas, showing diverse cultural representations and dates of the event.

Explore Cozumel’s Magic at International Fair – Second Appearance!

Cozumel is set to participate in the third "International Fair of Magic Towns". The event will be held from June 28 to June 30 at the Henry B. González Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas. The aim is to highlight the island's natural beauty and traditions, showcasing Cozumel as the perfect destination for vacations, weddings, sporting events, and cultural exploration. The fair offers an opportunity to diversify the tourism offerings of the island.

This event serves as a promotional and commercial platform for the 132 Magic Towns to display their various attractions. This will be the second time that the Island of the Swallows will be attending.

Badih Sleme Flores, the Director of Tourism and Economic Development, stated that the administration has been working on promoting the cultural identity of Cozumel. "We represent a community living in the Mexican Caribbean, with its own customs, lifestyle, and traditions. Our promotional efforts encompass not only our beautiful beaches but also our culture, cuisine, and unique experiences. Since earning the Magic Town designation in 2023, our goal at the International Fair of Magic Towns is to further promote the island and target different market segments. Our aim is to increase overnight stays, which benefits all financial sectors of the island," he explained.

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The municipal government is working in collaboration with private entities to globally position Cozumel and the diverse tourism products it offers. The delegation representing our magical town will be led by Mayor Juanita Alonso Marrufo. She will present the new activity schedule and a collection of crafts and textiles created by Cozumel artisans, along with honey-based products made on the island.

At this event, attendees including tour operators, hoteliers, restaurateurs, entrepreneurs, and tourists will discover the magic of the Mexican Caribbean and particularly the Island of the Swallows.

The third edition of the International Fair of Magic Towns will provide an opportunity for people worldwide to explore the enchanting cities of Mexico, filled with culture, history, natural beauty, and mysticism.