Two construction workers in safety gear are installing railway track parts with an excavator in the background.

“Chihuahua Legalizes 400K ‘Chueco’ Vehicles: State Security Chief Reveals!”

In Chihuahua, a total of 400,523 "chueco" vehicles have been legalized, according to the State Secretary of Public Security. This move is part of a broader effort to rectify the status of irregular vehicles in the region.

The legalization process for "chueco" vehicles involves regularizing cars that have been imported into the country without the appropriate tax payments. The objective of this measure is to ensure these vehicles adhere to regulations and contribute to the orderly flow of traffic in Chihuahua.

The legalization of "chueco" vehicles is a crucial aspect of enhancing road safety and ensuring the legality of cars on the roads in the state. It represents a significant step towards overall regularization and legality in Chihuahua.

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