A vibrant gathering of people in traditional Mayan attire, including elaborate headdresses, dancing in front of a sign that reads "PUEBLO DEL MAÍZ" within a lush environment.

Magical Ixchel Walk: Journey Under the Moon

Cozumel, Q. Roo.- The seventh annual Ixchel Walk, known as "Weaving Steps Under the Moon," kicked off on Sunday. The event began with a welcoming ceremony for canoeists, featuring a group of dancers and musicians performing in a pre-Hispanic style. They embarked on a 7-kilometer journey to the shrine in Corn Village, serenading the crowd with their songs and dances.

Following the canoeists' welcome, pilgrims and dancers assembled by the pyramid near the image of the goddess Ixchel. They commenced the walk on Rafael E. Melgar Avenue, making their way to Benito Juarez Park. There, they danced, offered tributes, and performed a ritual using flowers, copal, water, and a communal drink. This ritual served to create an energetic connection and express gratitude to the fertility and moon goddess before they continued their pilgrimage up Juarez Avenue to Corn Village.

The Ixchel Walk, or "Weaving Steps Under the Moon," is a 7-kilometer trek across the island of Cozumel. The journey is punctuated by pre-Hispanic dances and chants, culminating at a statue dedicated to Ixchel. Here, participants present flowers, seeds, fire, and other offerings.

The grand celebration also included a variety of activities at Corn Village. The stage hosted music and dances dedicated to the moon, featuring performances by the local Cozumel dance school.

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Additionally, the "U K'inil K’iiwik" craft market was set up in Corn Village. This market provided a space for local producers to showcase a selection of handmade, organic, and culinary products.

The event concluded in the evening with the Pibil Nah, Moon Temazcal, a celebration of ancestral medicine. Participants indulged in the healing essences of traditional Mayan medicine.