A woman with arms raised speaks at a podium with microphones in front of a blurred audience background and a screen displaying graphics.

“Massive Support for Lili Campos as Ejido Communities End Blockade”

Members of the Ejido communities, including X-Yatil and San Luis, have ended their blockade of Federal Highway 184. They warn, however, that they may resume the blockade on Wednesday if the Federation does not fulfill its promise to compensate them for their lands. These lands are crossed by the electric railway of a major railway project.

The decision to end the blockade was made around 2 PM, following a meeting with the Maya Train authorities. The blockade was a response to the Federation's failure to deliver on its promise of compensation. This promise was made by the Ministry of Infrastructure, Communications and Transportation (SICT) prior to the construction of Section 6 of the Maya Train.

The Ejido community members began their blockade at 6 AM, using logs, stones, and blankets with various messages. They demanded that the federal authorities compensate them for approximately 25 hectares of affected land.

The community members have stated that they may restart the blockade on Wednesday at 6 AM if the Federation does not fulfill its commitment to pay by Tuesday night at the latest.

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