A surfer riding a large wave in the ocean under a clear sky

Ride The Waves: International Surfing Day in Mexican Caribbean

While some may see bad weather as a deterrent, surfers see it as an opportunity to ride the waves of the Mexican Caribbean. Today, these thrill-seekers celebrate International Surfing Day, an event that has been held annually since 2004 on the third Saturday of June. The day is dedicated to the sport of surfing, a thrilling water activity that involves riding large sea waves at high speed on a board.

One of these enthusiasts is Helio Rodríguez, a 42-year-old surfer who has been dedicated to the sport since moving to the Riviera Maya in 2009. He was the state champion in the Masters 40-44 category last year and has been an active participant in national competitions. Rodríguez’s first encounter with surfing was in Acapulco, Guerrero, and he rode his first wave in Cancún. He notes that the presence of surfers and suitable conditions in Quintana Roo have contributed to the growth of the local surfing community and the proliferation of surfing schools in the Riviera Maya.

Rodríguez explained that there are numerous surfing schools and coaches in Cancún, some of whom even craft their own boards. Other locations with a growing surfing community include Cozumel, Isla Mujeres, Puerto Morelos, Puerto Aventuras, Playa del Carmen, Caleta Tankah, Xcacel, and Tulum. Initially, most of these locations had kitesurfing schools that also offered surfing. However, during his time at the Mexican Caribbean Kitesurf School, Rodríguez had the opportunity to start the Tulum Surf Movement project. Over the past two years, this project has focused solely on surfing, encouraging and training new surfers who continue to improve every day.

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Rodríguez emphasizes that there are no age, status, or physical condition barriers to surfing. The community includes individuals without limbs, a nearly blind Brazilian, and people aged 70 and above. He encourages everyone to give it a try, stating, “We need theory and prior exercises out of the water. The process is gradual and everyone learns differently.”

Rodríguez concludes with a piece of advice he received when learning to surf: “If you see them catching waves, join them.” Those interested in surfing can contact him at 984 138 2233, on Instagram @tulum.surf.movement.