Police vehicle with open doors parked on a dirt road at night with lights shining, surrounded by trees and a group of people in the distance.

Terrifying Kidnapping in Tulum: Woman Bound and Rescued

A 30-year-old woman was kidnapped from her home by three armed men, who later released her and fled the scene. The woman, found bound and in a state of distress, was discovered by police officers after a 911 call was made by a man who requested medical assistance for her.

The woman, identified as Denis N., originally from Chiapas, was found on Labna Street. She recounted to the officers that the kidnapping occurred around 6 PM while she was cooking at home. The armed men forced her into a gray vehicle and took her to an unknown location.

Denis explained that her hands were bound as she was being placed in the vehicle. The kidnappers instructed her to cooperate. At some point, she overheard them exclaiming that the judiciary had arrived, prompting them to flee the scene. Once the noise subsided, she managed to escape the location. Shortly thereafter, police officers arrived and took her under their protection.

According to Denis, the kidnappers were light-skinned and appeared to be between 25 to 30 years old.

Following the incident, there was a significant police response, and the State Attorney General's Office has assumed responsibility for the investigation. The incident has raised several questions that are yet to be answered.