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“Unlock Exclusive Deals with your Voting Ink in Cancun!”

In Cancun and Playa del Carmen, a variety of businesses including restaurants, tourist service providers, theme parks, shops, and even pharmacies are offering promotions to encourage citizens to vote. All that is required is for citizens to present their marked finger, a symbol of their participation in the democratic process.

A nationwide campaign, initiated by the National Chamber of the Restaurant and Seasoned Foods Industry (Canirac), offers a free coffee to anyone who has voted. Julio Villarreal, president of Canirac in Quintana Roo, said that many restaurants have also joined the campaign with their own promotional offers.

This Sunday, several restaurants will be offering discounts ranging from 10 percent to anyone who shows their inked finger and marked ID. Some will also be giving away appetizers, drinks, or offering special promotions.

For instance, Bubayou restaurant in Cancun is offering a 20 percent discount to diners who have voted. Pizzas & Grill Bar by Nicky's in Playa del Carmen will apply a 10 percent discount on bills. Los Chilacos Prime in Playa del Carmen is offering a free shot to voters.

Casa Kaoba Hotel, located on the Playa-Tulum road, is offering a 15 percent discount on the total consumption of a day pass. Bubba Gump restaurants will give a 25 percent discount to those who show their marked finger.

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Cancun Jungle Tours is offering voters a discounted tour in Nichupté lagoon and snorkeling for only the cost of taxes (approximately $20). Ventura Park and El Garrafón park in Isla Mujeres are offering a 50 percent discount on admission to voters.

Delphinus is running a promotion for voters where for 399 pesos you can access their Ride program, and it also offers free access to the Interactive Aquarium Cancun for those who visit their facilities at La Isla plaza in Cancun. Crococun, located on the Puerto Morelos-Cancun road, will offer a 25 percent discount to those who pay their entrance in cash and show their marked finger.

Despite these efforts, entrepreneurs in the Riviera Maya have reported a decrease in hotel occupancy due to the electoral campaign slowing the movement of tourists.