A graphic representation showcasing AI elements including a brain-like symbol and the ChatGPT logo, highlighting the intersection of human interaction and artificial intelligence.

“ChatGPT Boosts Travel Reservations on Booking & Expedia!”

Booking and Expedia are experiencing a surge in travel reservations, largely due to the implementation of ChatGPT, a generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool. A recent study conducted by Bank of America analysts revealed that 44% of travelers surveyed in the United States used ChatGPT to plan their trips.

Both Booking and Expedia have incorporated conversational AI into their booking tools to enhance the travel planning process. Booking has launched a travel planner that combines AI recommendations with the conversational capabilities of ChatGPT.

On the other hand, Expedia has collaborated with OpenAI to launch Romie, an AI-powered travel planner. Ariane Gorin, Expedia's CEO, has expressed confidence in Romie's ability to provide a seamless travel experience from planning to booking, and throughout the entire trip. Gorin emphasizes the significant value this brings to the customer experience.

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