A triptych image showcasing an exterior view of an opulent mansion with a fountain, an ornately decorated living room, and a detailed ceiling with chandeliers and a central painted dome.

Discover the Yucatán “Versailles”: A French Touch in Mérida

It's not often one stumbles upon a residence like the so-called "Versailles" of Yucatán. Located in the Dzityá municipality, this grand property has been turning heads, captivating both locals and travelers alike. The monumental construction has a unique charm that becomes apparent upon visiting.

Just over a month ago, images of the property's interior were shared on social media by a real estate agency. The French-style details of the home immediately caught the public's attention. The photos transport viewers into a cinematic world, hinting at the mysteries of "royal families."

The construction and decoration of the residence spanned nearly 12 years. The impressive property boasts four bedrooms, nine bathrooms, parking for eight vehicles, a living room, dining room, party room (replica of the Versailles hall), study, TV room, service room, and a warehouse, among other features. The outdoor area is equally stunning with trees, a central fountain, an Olympic-sized pool, and a porch equipped with a sound system. The décor, largely acquired from various European auctions, adds the finishing touch to the residence.

The property also features sections adorned with gold laminate, a testament to the meticulous attention to detail in its design. The walls, painted by a renowned Italian artist, are another notable feature of the home, with murals scattered throughout the property.


The residence exudes a museum-like quality with its unique style. There's arguably no other property like the 'Yucatecan Versailles' in Mexico.

The owner, a Yucatán native rumored to be a chef and business owner, designed the home to his exact specifications. The property has elicited a variety of reactions on social media, ranging from admiration for its elegance to humorous comments about acquiring it through a loan. Potential buyers undergo a thorough profile review to determine their eligibility.

The real estate agency selling the property notes that it's their first time handling a listing of this caliber, where one can truly "feel in a palace." The carpets, paintings, lamps, furniture, floors, linens, and glassware all contribute to the sensation of stepping into an "unreal world in a real world."