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“Estefanía Mercado Vows More Scholarships: No Student Left Behind”

In Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, city council president candidate Estefanía Mercado has announced the "Solidaridad with Education" program. This initiative is designed to provide high school and university students with the support they need to complete their education under the municipal government she aims to lead.

Mercado emphasized the importance of supporting vulnerable families, ensuring their children can continue their education. She acknowledged that many families are forced to pull their children out of school to work and contribute to household expenses, compromising their future prospects.

While visiting the Misión de las Flores neighborhood and a local market, Mercado assured residents that, as the municipal president of Solidaridad, she would work closely with the future president of the country, Claudia Sheinbaum, and the state governor to secure more scholarships for students.

In addition to this, Mercado pledged to negotiate with the state government for more technical training opportunities for young people in Puerto Aventuras. This would not only meet the demand for higher education but also equip them with the necessary skills to enter the workforce.

In Playa del Carmen, Mercado, the nominee of Morena and the Labor and Green Ecologist parties, promised to improve public transport routes for students who commute to universities daily. She stressed that the 'Solidaridad with Education' program would bolster support for students, aiming to reduce school dropout rates and increase school attendance.

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In recognition of Teacher's Day, Mercado praised teachers at all levels for their dedication to transforming the future of Mexico, particularly in Solidaridad. She was joined by her team and members, supporters, and leaders of the Morena, Green, and Labor parties. Together, they interacted with locals at their homes, businesses, and on the streets of the Misión de las Flores neighborhood, discussing her proposals.