A rustic house by a flooded shore with clear skies and scattered clouds reflecting on the water's surface.

Mysterious Flooding in Yucatan Homes: Estuary Overflow Secrets

Residents of Chabihau, Yucatan, are experiencing the annual overflow of local estuaries, with water levels reaching the backyards of several homes. This phenomenon, which typically coincides with the full moon, has resulted in flooding for properties located near the swamp due to a recent tidal surge.

The last time this natural event was observed was during the arrival of cold fronts, which left water stagnant for several days. In recent days, the port has seen significant overflow from the estuaries, particularly the swamp adjacent to the river mouth. Here, water has been accumulating during the night and early morning, extending up to 50 meters from the mangroves.

Residents have noticed that the swamp has been overflowing lately, with water reaching the backyards of nearby homes. "This happens in the afternoon when the sea enters the estuaries," locals explained. At night, the water floods the backyards of properties near the swamp, turning the beaches of Chabihau brown with sargassum.

Local resident Guadalupe Chan expressed confusion over the cause of this phenomenon, which typically occurs when cold fronts approach. In recent months, these fronts have caused flooding in several areas, nearly leading to water on the road. "It's strange that the water is rising more; it usually happens when there are northerly winds, but we are seeing the actions of nature," Chan said.

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Due to the tide and a strong sea current, several boats were lifted because they were grounded due to the low level of the estuary a few weeks ago. This left much of the estuary exposed due to low seawater ingress to the swamp. "Because of the dry spell that is taking place, much of the area was left without water, it decreased quite a bit. Now it suddenly rose again to the point of overflowing," Chan noted.

By dawn, the flooding begins to recede, returning to the normal water levels in the estuaries and leaving only puddles behind. These puddles complicate things for sailors, who must navigate the mud to reach their boats and head out to sea. "When it starts to get light the water level decreases, but the puddles remain. Even going out to hang clothes in the backyard is tricky because it becomes slippery," Chan said.

Locals find the current overflow unusual and speculate that a natural phenomenon like a small cold front could be the cause. They also believe that the phases and gravity of the moon may trigger the swamp water to spill out a few meters from its usual place. So far, there is no damage, but the overflow is noticeable.