A police vehicle in the foreground with officers standing by a car at a gas station under clear skies.

SHOCKING: Woman gunned down at Playa Del Carmen gas station

A woman was tragically gunned down at a gas station at the intersection of Constituyentes Avenue and Lilis Avenue in the In House district of Playa Del Carmen. Early reports suggest the woman and a companion were fleeing from armed assailants in a Voyager Chrysler SUV.

The pair were forced to stop at the gas station due to an overheated engine. As they were adding water to the vehicle, two men on a motorcycle pulled up. The men shot the woman at least seven times, resulting in her death.

The man accompanying the woman retaliated by firing several shots from his own weapon and managed to escape. The area where he disappeared is known for its high crime rate.

Paramedics from a private company arrived on the scene and confirmed the woman had died. In response, local police quickly launched an operation that resulted in the apprehension of the suspected assailants.

One of the detained men had a gunshot wound and was promptly given medical attention before being transported to a hospital.