A conservationist carefully examines a sea turtle at night under red light to avoid disturbance.

Isla Mujeres Turtle Camp: Protecting 37 Nests and 4,313 Eggs!

The Isla Mujeres Municipality is continuing its commitment to protect and conserve sea turtles during the current nesting season through its Sea Turtle Protection and Conservation Program. The nesting season began on May 15th and will conclude on October 15th.

The Department of Environment and Ecology of Isla Mujeres has successfully protected 37 sea turtle nests so far, thanks to the Isla Mujeres Turtle Camp. This camp consists of volunteers and department staff who work tirelessly to safeguard the nests.

The breakdown of the nests indicates that 26 belong to Loggerhead turtles, 7 to White turtles, and 4 to Hawksbill turtles. Since the start of the season, they have managed to protect 4,313 eggs. This includes 2,968 Loggerhead turtle eggs, 783 White turtle eggs, and 562 Hawksbill turtle eggs.

Atenea Gómez, a representative from the camp, emphasized the importance of their work in conserving sea turtles in Isla Mujeres. She expressed gratitude to the volunteers and collaborators who have helped release thousands of sea turtle hatchlings over the past years.

While no hatchlings have been released yet this season, the department expects to share a report on the four species found on the municipality's beaches in the coming weeks.

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