A red and white 'Prohibido el Paso' notice from FGE taped onto a plastic-covered background indicating restricted access with details obscured for privacy.

Shocking Seizure of Tulum Hotels and Restaurants!

Recently, the Investigation Police of the State Attorney's Office (FGE) of Quintana Roo seized four establishments in the municipality of Tulum. These establishments included both hotels and restaurants. The question on everyone's mind is – why did this happen?

The establishments were seized on the morning of Thursday, June 6. The locations affected were the Kitchen Table, Hotel Aku'um, La Esquina, and Kira Tulum. All of these are located on Kukulcán Avenue, within the coastal area of Tulum.

The seizures were carried out peacefully, with authorities requesting the evacuation of tourists and workers from the premises. The reason for this action was the execution of a judicial order. However, the State Attorney's Office (FGE) has not provided detailed official information on the matter.

Speculation suggests that the seizures may be related to the rights of the property owners to use the lands in Tulum. In order to carry out the seizures, agents from the department were assisted by elements of Citizen Security, Municipal Transit, and the National Guard. There were also employees tasked solely with removing furniture from each of the establishments.

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