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“Migrant Odyssey: The Treacherous Journey to the American Dream via Cancun”

Cancun, Mexico, is becoming an increasingly popular route for thousands of migrants from Latin America, Asia, and Europe seeking the "American dream". They are using various means to reach the U.S., including rafts, transport trucks, and flights from the International Airport. The National Institute of Migration reports that individuals from countries such as China, India, Romania, Armenia, Colombia, Peru, the Dominican Republic, and Cuba are attempting this journey. Recently, a boat from Cuba was discovered off the coast of Isla Mujeres, though the number of passengers and their current location remains unknown.

However, these migrants face significant challenges, particularly in Cancun. Many are exploited by those who promise to transport them to the U.S., often resulting in kidnappings for ransom. This was the case in mid-May when six individuals of different nationalities were rescued from a house in the Sac-Bé subdivision. They had been held captive by armed men after entering Mexico illegally.

Cancun Airport is another major entry point for these migrants. According to Major of Infantry, Miguel Ángel Méndez Luna, Chief of the National Institute of Migration at Terminal 4, those who fail to meet immigration requirements or present false documentation are held at the immigration station until a return flight to their country of origin is available. The airlines they traveled with are responsible for providing food during their stay. The airport also provides personal items for babies, children, women, and men. Méndez Luna insists that immigration officers aim to ensure compliance with immigration laws and do not detain travelers without cause.

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In the first five months of this year alone, Cancun's airport recorded a traffic of 9.7 million international passengers.