covid vaccinations in playa del carmen

Vaccines to Arrive in Two Weeks for Those Who Remain Unvaccinated

At the end of the last vaccination day in Solidaridad, many people were left without immunization.

PLAYA DEL CARMEN – On Friday, the final day of the last round of COVID-19 vaccinations, more than 900 people in Playa del Carmen were left without the dose. During this campaign, vaccinations for persons ages 18 – 29, people from other age groups (stragglers) were also offered the vaccine causing a shortage.

covid vaccinations in playa del carmen

Local health authorities estimate that in two weeks more vaccines will arrive.

According to Héctor González Rodríguez, director of Physical and Mental Health of Solidaridad, these are people who, at the time, could not access a vaccination module during their scheduled round of vaccinations due to various circumstances. 

“We still do not have an exact date, because we must remember that the vaccines arrive in Mexico and from there they are distributed to the states. They will be AstraZeneca vaccines, as that is what they are providing now,” said González Rodríguez.

At the end of the last vaccination day in Solidaridad, many people were left without immunization.

González Rodríguez announced that in the module that they installed in the new Municipal Palace, about 300 people were left without vaccines. A similar number of people remained without being vaccinated in the modules that were installed in the sports dome in the Luis Donaldo Colosio Murrieta neighborhood and as well at the Centro Nacional de Alto Turismo (CENALTUR) location.

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Last Friday the COVID-19 vaccination campaign for people between the ages of 18 to 29 ended. Vaccinations were also applied to people of other age groups, who had not yet received a first dose.

There was annoyance on the part of the people who did not get to receive the vaccine who, in some cases, had arrived very early.

The officials regretted the attitude of these people. Some of those persons left unvaccinated belong to age groups that have already been given access to the vaccine. In some cases, they did not want to arrive at their scheduled time and now sought vaccination without success.

In total, last week, 71 thousand doses of the vaccine were applied in the municipality of Solidaridad, the highest amount so far in vaccination campaigns against COVID-19. On this occasion, nearly the entire population persons over 18 years of age was covered.

Source: SIPSE