centro maya mall in playa del carmen

Young Man Accidentally Shot in Playa del Carmen Shopping Center

The incident occurred inside the bathrooms in the Centro Maya Mall.

PLAYA DEL CARMEN – A stray bullet wounded a young man inside a mall in Playa del Carmen, when the gun of a security guard was accidentally fired.

centro maya mall in playa del carmen

According to preliminary information, the events occurred yesterday around 1:30 pm in the Centro Maya Shopping center, between Avenida 50 Norte and Calle 41 Sur, in Playa del Carmen.

The police report indicates that while a custodian of a security company was in the restrooms in the mall, his weapon accidentally fell to the ground and discharged.

Unfortunately, the projectile hit a 20-year-old young man who was injured in the right hand.

Faced with these events, the emergency authorities were notified who sent a Red Cross ambulance. Fortunately, the injury was not serious and paramedics were able to treat the young man, who did not require an emergency transfer.

The custodian of the security company, who was secured and taken to a patrol car to be handed over to the authorities to determine his legal status.

Source: SIPSE

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