Close-up of a person's hands holding a smartphone with the Uber app open, inside a car with a blurred cityscape in the background.

Uber Drivers Targeted by Authorities at Mérida Airport

National Guard officers in Mérida are arresting between 2 and 3 Uber drivers almost daily for operating at the Mérida International Airport. Despite knowing they are not authorized to provide taxi services at the airport, these drivers continue to seek customers at the terminal.

When caught, the drivers face a fine of 6,000 pesos and their vehicles are impounded, incurring an additional penalty of nearly 25,000 pesos. In response to this situation, Uber drivers are urging authorities to regulate their services at the airport, allowing them to legally operate from the terminal.

One Uber driver expressed frustration, stating, "There are people and even individuals who provide transportation services at the airport entrance and nobody says anything to them. But because we are identifiable, we face fines of up to 45,000 pesos."

The driver added, "We are just trying to earn money to support our families. But because we are not regulated, we are forced to park our cars on streets near the airport terminal and seek customers in the airport corridor."

The driver also highlighted that their competitors charge higher rates, despite having provided the service for years. They believe this is due to authorities' refusal to recognize Uber, unlike in Cancún.

Back in March, Uber drivers protested outside the Azuna building in downtown Cancún, where the company's offices are located. Their cries of "they are killing us" were a plea for greater security, following the murder of a fellow driver. Cancún: Uber drivers demand security after a driver is killed.