A municipal traffic police pickup truck marked "TRANSITO MUNICIPAL" parked on a street with storefronts in the background.

Shocking: Tulum Police Officer Arrested for Alleged Rape

A police officer in Tulum has been arrested under suspicion of rape, with a two-year preventative detention order put in place by the Quintana Roo Prosecution Office.

The officer was apprehended at the police station in Tulum. He is currently an active member of the Secretariat of Public Security and Citizen Protection in Tulum and is now facing charges for an alleged crime that occurred within the municipality in 2021. The arrest warrant was issued just a few days ago, and the officer has since been legally tied to the ongoing investigation by the presiding judge.

Following the initial complaint, an investigation was launched by the Special Prosecution Office for Combating Sexual Crimes and Free Personal Development. After gathering sufficient evidence, the prosecution office obtained a court-issued arrest warrant for the police officer. As he is an active officer, the authorities were able to arrest him directly at the Public Security and Citizen Protection facilities. During a court hearing, the evidence was presented, and the judge decided to link him to the case. The judge also deemed it appropriate to impose a two-year preventative detention order, which will remain in effect until the conclusion of the legal proceedings.

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