Two individuals wearing hard hats observe a green and white train passing on railway tracks surrounded by a fenced area with sparse vegetation and debris on the ground.

Protest Erupts in Quintana Roo Against Mayan Train: Environmental Crisis Unveiled

Civil society groups in Quintana Roo are demanding the closure of the Semarnat delegation in Cancun on April 29. This comes in response to the continued construction of the Mayan Train project, despite a definitive suspension order, and the lack of action against environmental crimes in the southern section 5. The Mexican Caribbean Environmentalist Alliance and the Save Me from the Train movement are spearheading the protest, highlighting the negligence of Semarnat and Profepa in protecting the Mayan aquifer.

The First District Court in Yucatan has ordered an inspection of the construction works in section 5 south. This follows accusations of sinkhole filling and work being conducted without proper studies. The court's decision, part of lawsuit 1003/2022, aims to hold public officials or companies accountable, with penalties of up to nine years in prison for failing to halt the work. The area in question is of particular importance as it houses the world's largest underground river network, increasing the risk of ground sinkings.

The protest is intended to pressure authorities into enforcing environmental protection measures and stopping the Mayan Train works in section 5 south. This is crucial for the preservation of natural resources and the safeguarding of the Mayan aquifer in the region.