Two men in casual attire shake hands on a street with onlookers and a car in the background. It appears to be a candid moment of connection between them.

Diego Castañón ignites Tulum with his bold vision for transformative governance

Diego Castañón Trejo, a mayoral candidate for Tulum from the "Let's Keep Making History" coalition, has been gaining support from locals and residents of the Centro neighborhood. Castañón, who advocates for a government that prioritizes community over bureaucracy, spent the day walking through the neighborhood, engaging with the residents and business owners, and listening to their concerns and needs.

During his visit to the intersection of Palenque Street and Tulum Avenue, Castañón invited local business owners to participate in a social agreement aimed at promoting the growth and well-being of the local economy. "It's time to work together to transform Tulum into a place with more order, opportunities, and social development," stated the candidate.

As he walked down Polar Poniente Street, from Alfa to Satellite, Castañón interacted with the residents, who expressed their enthusiasm and support for his proposals. He assured them that the era of neglect and self-enriching administrations is nearing its end. "With your vote on June 2, we will ensure that the best is yet to come for Tulum," he promised.

Diego Castañón urged citizens to support the candidates of "Let's Keep Making History" and Morena to implement the second phase of the Transformation, in which citizens, entrepreneurs, and the government work together for the progress of Tulum.

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This growing support reflects Tulum residents' desire for genuine, tangible change that fosters a more prosperous and equitable future for all. Castañón's commitment to prioritizing the people over bureaucracy positions him as a leader capable of driving the transformation that the community wants to see.