A person giving a presentation to an audience with a slide about sea turtle species in the Yucatan Peninsula in the background

Tulum Hoteliers Unite for Sea Turtle Conservation!

Aiming to encourage responsible beach practices in Tulum for the 2024 sea turtle nesting season, the Riviera Maya Tulum Sea Turtle Program, sponsored by Flora, Fauna, and Culture of Mexico, hosted an informative session for local hoteliers. The session was led by Itzel Trujano, president of the State Committee for Protection, Conservation, and Management of the species.

The session, held at the Panamera Hotel, emphasized the need for hoteliers to actively participate in the conservation efforts for these turtles, which play a crucial role in the coastal ecosystem. Trujano highlighted that the initiative's goal is not only to educate hoteliers and tourists about marine conservation but also to create a model of collaboration between the private sector and environmental authorities for biodiversity protection in the Riviera Maya.

As part of the initiative, the organizers donated identification tablets to mark nesting areas on local beaches. This move is designed to enhance and streamline protection measures during the sea turtles' nesting period.

The session concluded with attendees, representatives from various hotels, signing a manifesto pledging to respect and support sea turtle conservation efforts within their establishments. This agreement aims to ensure that tourism activities do not disrupt the natural life cycle of these endangered creatures.