A construction site with scattered building materials, palm trees, and a partially constructed wooden structure on a sunny day.

Tulum Development Threatens Sea Turtles and Mangroves

The Civil Association for the Defense of the Right to a Healthy Environment has raised concerns about a development project in Tulum, Mexico. The project, run by the company Tulum 16, has been granted permission to conduct an environmental impact demonstration, despite fears of potential damage to local sea turtle nesting sites and mangroves.

The Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection has fined Tulum 16 400,000 pesos for conducting work without the necessary permits since November. The company also breached closure seals in the Bahía Solimán area.

The development plan includes a seven-story building with 24 apartments. However, Tulum 16 has not obtained the necessary permits from the Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat) or local and state authorities.

Environmental activists have highlighted these issues and have pushed for legal action to halt the construction. Despite closure orders from both municipal and federal authorities, Tulum 16 continued with the project. This led to a criminal complaint being lodged by the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection, which successfully halted construction.

However, the fine of just over 400,000 pesos, which could be exchanged for equipment investment, is seen as insufficient by environmentalists. They argue that such projects not only threaten future generations but also damage the ecological environment that provides local communities with their livelihood.