“Shocking: 300+ People Vanish in Yucatán, Mexico!”

In Mexico, the National Registry of Missing and Unlocated People reports that there are 115,004 individuals still to be located. In the Yucatán region, this number stands at 305. The majority of these reports originate from Mérida, Progreso, and Kanasín. In Yucatán, the search for missing people is often conducted quietly.

Investigations into these disappearances are often hampered by inconsistencies in the case files. Many of these files remain in local agencies and are not passed on to the appropriate units, preventing effective search operations from being carried out.

One such case is that of María del Socorro Escamilla Beltrán, a 66-year-old woman who disappeared on July 6, 2019, in Progreso, Yucatán. The lack of immediate response from the authorities to cases like María's is a significant issue. Her daughter, Silvia Trejo, has faced numerous obstacles in her search for her mother, including the police's refusal to assist in the search.

The group "Yucatán Searcher Families" is dedicated to increasing the number of reports and scrutinizing investigation files. These files often contain minimal information and lack specific search actions. Although there are laws related to disappearances in Mexico, it wasn't until 2023 that local law in Yucatán aligned with this legislation.

The experiences of Silvia, María, and countless other families highlight the harsh reality of disappearances in Yucatán. There is a pressing need for a more effective search and response system from the relevant authorities.