“Tulum Declared Mexico’s 1st Green Tourism Zone – A Game-Changer!”

Mexico's National Commission for Regulatory Improvement recently released a draft declaring Tulum as the nation's first Sustainable Tourism Development Zone.

This designation means that Tulum must evolve as a tourism hub with a strong emphasis on environmental conservation, promoting and preserving natural landscapes.

The decree, which is set to be published in the Official Gazette of the Federation, encompasses a total of 3,486 hectares. This includes the municipal seat of Tulum and a 6.9-kilometer coastal stretch.

Tulum, with a population of 33,428 according to the 2020 Population and Housing Census by Inegi, is set to adopt sustainable tourism strategies with a focus on green economy.

The designated area, known as the Potential Sustainable Tourist Development Zone of Tulum, will allow for tourism activities and services that adhere to environmental laws and regulations.

The municipality will implement policies for more organized growth, with resources allocated to meet sustainability standards.

The publication of the decree aims to encourage more structured development in the municipality and allocate resources to ensure its sustainability.

Plans are also underway to grant the Sustainable Tourism Development Zone status to the continental area of Isla Mujeres. This is another significant hotel development site in Quintana Roo, with a projected 25,000 rooms over the next 15 years.