A serene beach landscape with a clear sky, white sand, and thatched umbrellas lining the shorefront.

“Playa del Carmen Beaches Sargassum-Free in 2024! 5000 Tons Cleared”

In 2024, more than 5000 tons of sargassum seaweed have been cleared from the beaches of Playa del Carmen, resulting in pristine coasts for both locals and tourists to enjoy. María de Lourdes Várguez Ocampo, the Secretary of Sustainable Environment and Climate Change of Solidaridad, has stated that municipal authorities are dedicated to maintaining the cleanliness of the Riviera Maya's heartland beaches.

"We have managed to remove almost 100 percent of the sargassum. There are still some areas in the federal zone that need attention, but despite this, we saw a significant number of visitors over the weekend. People are beginning to understand that sargassum is seasonal, and it doesn't negatively impact their health. As a result, they continue to enjoy our beaches. To date, we have collected 5074 tons of sargassum since January," she explained.

Although the warmer months typically see the most sargassum arriving on the shores of Playa del Carmen, the secretary noted that this year's influx has been less than in previous years. "While this is the peak season for sargassum, we've seen less of it compared to the last two years. However, its presence is more noticeable in certain areas, such as the northern side of Punta Esmeralda, a concessioned area currently lacking in clean-up efforts," she added.

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The government is responsible for the cleanliness of several Playa del Carmen coasts, including Fundadores and number 8. The downtown area has been the most affected by the sargassum stranding. However, the municipal authorities are committed to ensuring the coasts remain in excellent condition for all beach-goers.