Shocking: Tourist Tries to Throw Baby Off Cancun Hotel Balcony

In a shocking event, a tourist in Cancun tried to throw her baby from a hotel balcony. The incident happened at a hotel located on Tulum Avenue in downtown Cancun. The woman, who is believed to suffer from a mental disorder, attempted to throw her baby from the third-floor balcony.

Upon witnessing this horrifying act, an emergency call was promptly made to 911, reporting an attempted homicide on a minor. The first to respond were members of the Special Group for Attention to Family and Gender Violence (Geavig).

The Geavig officers, who are part of the Secretary of Public Safety of Benito Juarez, found that the woman had another child with her. It is alleged that after her attempt to throw the baby, she tried to abandon both children on the street.

The woman left the children and began to walk away, seemingly indifferent to their fate. The children were quickly assessed by medical professionals, who determined they were in good health. They were then taken into protective custody to ensure their safety.

The mother was subsequently handed over to the relevant authorities. The woman's relatives later signed a letter of responsibility, pledging to return to their home country and continue the woman's medical treatment.

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