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Real Estate Boom in Playa Del Carmen Sparks Investment Frenzy

In recent times, the western side of Playa Del Carmen has seen a surge in real estate investment. This interest is not only confined to the tourist areas but extends to other parts of the city as well, according to Enrique Domínguez, the president of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI) in Playa del Carmen.

In a brief discussion, Domínguez pointed out that several projects, mainly related to real estate, are currently underway in this part of the city. He noted a growing interest among people to buy properties in the new housing developments in the west.

Domínguez revealed that a total of 274 real estate projects are set to commence operations in Solidaridad. Out of these, 40 percent are already under construction.

The real estate sector has broadened its offerings in response to the growth in the western part of Playa del Carmen, Domínguez said. He explained that the real estate market now caters to a diverse range of buyers. These include foreign buyers seeking residences near the sea, those wanting to stay in the tourist areas, and new inhabitants moving into the western area.

In summary, the western part of the city is experiencing a real estate boom, with a mix of different real estate projects catering to various buyers’ needs.