A group of school children being led by an adult on a sunny outdoor community engagement day with police vehicles in the background and a large flag flying high.

Experience the Magic: Kids Visit Isla Mujeres Police House!

The Municipal Government of Isla Mujeres is fostering community relations through organized school visits to the local Police House. This initiative is led by the General Directorate of Citizen Security and Transit.

Over the past month, more than 112 students from César Mendoza Elementary School and Jean Piaget Kindergarten, located in the Insular Zone of the municipality, have visited the Police House.

During these visits, children get the opportunity to interact with police officers and explore the police facilities. This hands-on experience allows them to ask questions, overcome any fears or negative perceptions they may have, and build a positive relationship with the local law enforcement. The aim is to foster trust and encourage a collaborative relationship between the police and the community.

The children are given a guided tour of the Police House, where they can explore different areas such as the control room, the communications room, and even the police vehicles.

Lourdes Espín Alarcón, the General Director of Citizen Security and Transit, along with other police officers, explains the function of each area to the children and answers any questions they may have. The children are also offered a snack in the dining room of the Police House, providing them with another opportunity to socialize with the officers.

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The goal of these visits, according to Ángel Manuel López Campos, the Director of Social Proximity, is to spark the children's interest in public security. The hope is that these positive experiences could inspire some of them to consider future careers in the field of security or justice.