A group of six friends posing in swimwear, standing on a shallow beach with clear skies above and their reflections visible on the water's surface.

“Mermaid Squad Swims Across Channel to Save Coral Reefs!”

The "Mermaid Squad" swim team launched their fundraising event early this morning. The event involves a swim across the Quintana Roo channel, from Akumal to Cozumel, to raise funds for the Vivos Corals conservation efforts on the island. The six-woman team has been training for over six months for this journey, which began at dawn and is expected to conclude before sunset.

Each swimmer will cover a stretch of the channel, swimming for approximately one hour each. The entire journey is expected to take 12 hours to complete. The team has been promoting their challenge on social media for the past three months, encouraging participation in their fundraising efforts.

The team aims to raise $12,500, with 60 percent of the funds going towards the conservation of the island's coral reefs. The team is expected to reach the shores of Cozumel between 3 and 5 in the afternoon, although the exact timing will depend on the prevailing weather conditions.

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