A whale shark swimming underwater with tiny fish around its mouth, and a diver visible at the water's surface above it.

“Whale Shark Sighting Season Delayed by "Surada" Weather Event”

Isla Mujeres. – Current weather conditions on Isla Mujeres have put a halt to marine activities, including whale shark sightings. This is due to the "surada" weather event, which brings wind gusts of up to 60 km/h. Over the next 72 hours, the intensity of the surada is expected to decrease, allowing whale shark tours to tentatively resume on Monday, May 20.

The Whale Shark Permit Holders Association has indicated that the first boats will head towards the sighting areas as soon as the port authorities give the green light for general navigation. It's important to note that the early days of the season typically see fewer reservations due to the uncertainty of sightings.

Despite this, a successful season is anticipated, particularly during the months of June and July. The Association has emphasized that potential tour-goers are informed in advance that tours may be cancelled due to port closures or lack of sightings.

Interest in the tours remains high, with many customers already securing their spots. This is especially true for the peak season when all boats are expected to be operational. Some eager customers have even expressed interest in taking tours in May.

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