Horrifying Shooting in Cancun: Baby and Man Killed, Woman Injured

In a horrifying incident in Cancun's Region 251, armed assailants opened fire on a family home, resulting in the tragic death of a baby and a man. A woman was also injured in the attack.

The two attackers approached the house on foot, located near the intersection of Pascua Street and Haiti, in the Paseos del Mar neighborhood. They fired at least ten shots into the residence before fleeing towards the Multiplaza.

Neighbors rushed to aid the family, finding the father and baby dead, while the mother was injured but alive. One neighbor took immediate action, driving the injured woman to the General Hospital without waiting for an ambulance.

Municipal Police officers arrived at the scene shortly after, but the assailants had already fled. The area was cordoned off and the State Prosecutor's Office has taken over the investigation.

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