Winds of Change: Cancún’s Nautical Industry in Peril

This year, Cancún's port has been shut down for over 45 days due to strong winds, severely affecting the city's nautical industry. This has particularly impacted businesses that offer parachuting services, according to Francisco Fernández, the President of the Association of Nautical Businesses in Cancún.

In a recent interview, Fernández revealed that at least five companies in the industry are on the brink of closure. The persistent strong winds are preventing these businesses from operating, jeopardizing around 200 jobs. “Even on days with generally good weather, sudden gusts of wind can ground operations for several days, even when the port is officially open,” Fernández explained.

The situation is rapidly approaching last year's record of 60 days of port closures. Unfortunately, the forecast suggests more closures are imminent, with the port expected to shut down again this weekend. Fernández expressed his concerns, saying, “We hope that these adverse conditions mean we avoid a hurricane, because if one hits, we won't be able to withstand it.”

Looking ahead to the summer season, occupancy expectations have dropped to 60%. Fernández pointed out that even just two days of port closure can have a significant impact on the industry.

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