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Solidaridad Celebrates 28 Years as a Municipality in Quintana Roo

From the jubilation for being an autonomous municipality to accepting the separation of Tulum, this is how Solidaridad celebrates 28 years of municipalization for the chronicler Raymundo Tineo Celaya. 

He explained that since its creation on July 28, 1993, the municipality of Solidaridad, headquartered in Playa del Carmen, has had important events that have marked its history, but for the chronicler none as relevant as the date of the creation of the municipality. 

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“There has been no other moment of creation, it was like uncorking a bottle of champagne, there was so much euphoria, so much enthusiasm, so much stored energy that was released, it was something exciting that was consumed at the moment of the announcement of creation of the municipality and it was the starting point for many family stories, business and the population itself, “he said. 

Tineo commented that as a result of this a transformation noticeable change began. The acceleration from first consideration to the appointment of the municipality was the most important moment. 

He stressed that the second most significant moment was the separation of Tulum from Solidaridad, “When the municipality of Solidaridad was created we were left with most of the territory of Cozumel, that is, up to 90 percent of all the land. But in 2008, the municipality of Tulum was born, taking much of the territory of Solidaridad, ” he said. 

playa del carmen beach

He recalled that this separation made Solidaridad smaller, but at the same time concentrated more energy in one place without having to serve remotes regions such as the Mayan area. Those efforts were exhausting and did not work well. Ultimately those people were not properly cared for due to their distance from the municipal seat in Playa del Carmen.

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He mentioned Hilario Mendoza, Martiniano May Ay and other leaders of the Mayan zone and Tulum who were involved in the planning of the new municipality. 

“Progress has not been carried out correctly, due to the lack of attention in the social and ecological aspects, all this has been warned by scientists since Hurricane Gilberto, ” Tineo explained. 

“They told us to be careful with poorly planned development and unfortunately we ignored it. We have already experienced of loss of beaches, loss of white sand and now the sargassum issue,” he continued. 

He also pointed out that much insecurity has arisen from the invasion of land in both municipalities of the Riviera Maya.

Source: La Jornada Maya