Law enforcement officers with firearms standing next to several individuals in front of a table displaying seized items including packages that may contain drugs.

Six Drug Dealers Nabbed in Cozumel Drug Bust

Six individuals, identified only as Yelmar, Anahí, Gerardo, Alain, Jesús, and Iván, were recently detained by the Secretariat of Citizen Security in Cozumel. Following their arrest, they were transferred to the State Attorney General's Office for further processing.

During a search, law enforcement officials discovered and confiscated 81 small, transparent plastic bags, commonly referred to as ziploc bags. Each bag contained a green, plant-like substance believed to be marijuana. A larger bag, measuring approximately 20 centimeters by 15 centimeters, was also found containing the same substance.

In addition to the suspected marijuana, authorities also seized 30 doses of cocaine, 16 doses of crack, and two motorcycles. The investigation is ongoing.

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