A group of people dressed in traditional Mayan attire are paddling a wooden canoe on the water, with coastal structures and other canoes in the background. Text on the image reads "La Travesía Sagrada Maya."

Unveiling the Sacred Mayan Journey 2024 – An Epic Cultural Celebration

Xcaret Group has unveiled plans for the 2024 edition of the Sacred Mayan Journey, a cultural event that delves into the heart of Mayan mysticism and heritage. The journey begins at Bahía Dos Playas in Xcaret, an eco-archaeological park, and concludes at the cove at Chankanaab Park in Cozumel, covering a total distance of 62.6 kilometers. The event is dedicated to honoring the goddess Ixchel.

This year's event aims to strengthen the sacred bond between humanity and nature, emphasizing the veneration of the goddesses Ixchel and Ixchebelyax. These central figures in the Mayan worldview symbolize youth and wisdom. Since its revival 16 years ago, the Sacred Mayan Journey has grown into a much-anticipated annual cultural celebration.

The event organizers are preparing for 348 canoeists, ensuring equal gender representation. These participants have been rigorously training for over six months for this challenge. The event is set to take place on May 17 and 18, where participants will retrace the ancient Mayans' commercial and religious routes, starting from the P'ole site to the island of Cozumel.

The cultural performance, titled “Water Sorcerers,” recreates rituals, dances, and commerce in an effort to preserve and honor the legacy of the Mayan ancestors. Participants will offer corn cobs and balché, essential elements in Mayan rituals, as depicted in the Tulum murals. The event will also host important figures such as the Halach Uinic from Cozumel and a dignitary from Oxtankah-Ichpaatun, underlining the significance of this celebration in the current community.

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Leticia Aguerrebere, Xcaret Group's corporate director of Art and Culture, expressed her satisfaction with the continuation of the event. "We are thrilled to host the Sacred Mayan Journey for the sixteenth consecutive year. It has fostered a strong bond between the community and this cultural and artistic recreation, becoming a tradition that many consider the highlight of their year," she said.

Aguerrebere, who also serves as the president of the Cultural Heritage Committee of Xcaret Group, emphasized the organization's commitment to preserving and promoting Mayan cultural heritage. “Safeguarding cultural heritage enables us to continue actions like research, preservation, protection, visibility, valuation, revitalization, dissemination, and transmission of pre-Hispanic culture,” she stated.

The Sacred Mayan Journey not only celebrates the richness of pre-Hispanic tradition but also reinforces Xcaret Group's vision of prosperity and shared value. The event creates a space where Mayan culture can be appreciated and shared with dignity and respect by people worldwide. It is a clear demonstration of how the past and present can intertwine to educate and unite communities through Mexico's rich history.