A black SUV with the front right side heavily damaged after a collision. The vehicle is stopped by the side of the road, with a person partially visible through the open driver's door.

High-Speed Chase in Solidaridad: 6 Foreigners Apprehended!

A high-speed chase took place in Solidaridad this Saturday, beginning at the southern checkpoint of Playa del Carmen. The driver of a Durango SUV, coming from Tulum, failed to stop at a police checkpoint and continued northward over the bridge crossing Playa del Carmen. This sparked a high-speed pursuit by local law enforcement.

The chase ended near the municipal cemetery in the Colosio neighborhood, where two patrol cars managed to block the path of the SUV. Despite this, the driver of the Durango attempted to continue, resulting in a violent collision with the patrol cars. The impact severely damaged the SUV, bringing it to a halt. Police officers quickly surrounded the vehicle and apprehended its occupants.

Preliminary reports suggest that the SUV was occupied by six foreign nationals, though their specific nationalities have not yet been released.

Despite the high speeds and potential risk to pedestrians, emergency services reported no injuries resulting from the chase or the subsequent collision. The six suspects are currently in custody at the Quintana Roo General Prosecutor's Office. They could potentially face criminal charges for property damage and possibly attempted homicide.

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