Tragic Motorcycle Collision Claims Lives at Playa del Carmen

A tragic accident occurred in Playa del Carmen on Saturday, May 25th, just before 6 pm. A couple riding a motorcycle to an event were killed instantly when they crashed into a bus at high speed.

The bus, operated by the company Del Valle and bearing the number 184, reportedly cut across the return lane in front of the Vidanta hotel. Witnesses claim the motorcycle was travelling at an extremely high speed when the incident occurred.

The couple, seemingly living life on the edge, were unable to swerve around the bus when they lost control of their motorcycle. The impact of the collision with the bus was severe, leading to their instantaneous death at the scene.

Following the accident, onlookers quickly dialed 911 to report the incident and the serious injuries involved. Police officers arrived at the scene on Federal Highway 307 and found the bodies lying on the pavement. Paramedics were immediately called in, but upon their arrival, they confirmed the victims were already deceased.

As per standard procedure in such cases, agents from the State Prosecutor's Office were notified. They took charge of the scene, arranging for the bodies to be transferred to the Forensic Medical Service.

While the authorities have not yet commented on who might be responsible for the accident, it is anticipated that justice will be served.