A shoreline scattered with rocks and Sargassum seaweed, where the brown seaweed has washed up against the rocky edge, with foamy waves in the background.

Tragic Impact of Sargassum on Turtle Nesting!

Every year, turtles travel to the beaches of the Mexican Caribbean to lay their eggs. However, this nesting season, they are encountering significant obstacles. Dozens of these sea creatures, known as chelonians, tragically lose their lives each year on the shores of Mahahual during this important phase of their life cycle.

Despite this ongoing crisis, both government authorities and private initiatives appear indifferent. The problem is exacerbated by the large amounts of sargassum, a type of macroalgae, littering the southern beaches of Quintana Roo. These heaps of seaweed, which local businesses fail to clear, are preventing the sea turtles from reaching their usual nesting spots on the beaches of this popular holiday destination.

Environmentalists from the Akk Project have discovered that the chelonians are becoming stranded in the sargassum, which is severely disrupting their natural nesting cycle. As a result, one in every five sea turtles fails to reach the beach.

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