A bright and sunny day at a well-equipped community playground with colorful play structures, benches, and a clear blue sky with fluffy clouds overhead.

“Community Unites to Save Neighborhood Park from Destruction”

Residents of the Fovissste subdivision in Felipe Carrillo Puerto are concerned about the misuse of their newly opened park. They fear that the ongoing inappropriate behavior could lead to the park's deterioration. Neighborhood committee president, Agustín Velázquez, revealed that local residents have come together to monitor the park, ensuring its use remains respectful and harmonious. Individuals found violating these principles will be confronted and, if necessary, reported to the Municipal Police.

Velázquez noted that some individuals have been using the park irresponsibly, causing damage and reacting negatively when called out. He stressed the importance of maintaining the park's condition for all residents to enjoy. He affirmed the need for everyone to contribute to the preservation of the park, which was created for the benefit of the entire community. He emphasized that the park's upkeep is a shared responsibility and that adherence to usage rules is crucial for its longevity.

Velázquez also clarified that the park is open to everyone, not just those living in the subdivision. He hopes to foster a culture of respect and collaboration among residents, ensuring the park remains a safe and enjoyable space for all community members and their families.

Apolinar Acosta Guzmán, head of the municipal Public Works area, pointed out that this issue is not confined to one specific location. It's a widespread problem in all public spaces where citizens lack the awareness to protect shared assets. Guzmán stated that while maintenance and protection fall under the administration's duties, the care of these spaces is everyone's responsibility.

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Guzmán expressed his concern, "We have parks that were recently completed, some already showing signs of damage. Trash cans are broken, planters are disrespected, and garbage is left everywhere. This ongoing damage is unfair, and it's not right for society to pay for the actions of a few."