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Diego Castañón Pledges Support for Women’s Empowerment in Tulum – CROC Meeting Highlights

Diego Castañón Trejo, a candidate for the "Let's Keep Making History" coalition running for the municipal presidency of Tulum, has pledged to champion women's empowerment. He made this commitment at a recent gathering with the Revolutionary Confederation of Workers and Peasants (CROC). During the meeting, he reasserted his support for women, acknowledging their dual roles in the workplace and at home.

"Tulum's women are making invaluable contributions," Castañón stated at his meeting with CROC members, who expressed their full backing for his candidacy in the upcoming municipal elections on June 2nd. Claudio Cortés, the leader of CROC in Tulum, confirmed that the union will unanimously support the "Let's Keep Making History" coalition's candidates. The union showed enthusiastic support for Castañón, viewing him as the future municipal president.

In return, Castañón promised to develop social programs that not only improve well-being but also advocate for public policies that strengthen women's empowerment. He also pledged to lead a more accessible, less bureaucratic government, ensuring a leadership that is close to the people.

“We will ensure that families are thriving and that all people can trust us. If there is a problem and we can solve it, we will do so immediately. This is our ongoing commitment to transforming Tulum,” Castañón said, emphasizing his dedication to continuing positive change in Tulum.

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