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“Revolutionizing Solidaridad: Lili Campos’ Bold Public Service Promises!”

Lili Campos, the candidate for the municipality presidency of Solidaridad, has pledged to continue improving the quality of life for the people of Solidaridad through high-quality public services. This comes after the community has overcome the neglect and insecurity left by the Beristain clan.

Campos highlighted the renewal that began three years ago, promising to maintain the momentum of positive change. She plans to modernize the fleet of collection trucks and cleaning vehicles, ensuring they are up-to-date and efficient. Additionally, she aims to increase the collection routes to 75, including ecological routes.

Campos also committed to a comprehensive renewal of the Playa del Carmen Center and the construction of the Solidaridad Arena to attract international events. Public parks and lighting throughout the municipality are also set to be upgraded.

In a bid to boost the local economy, Campos announced the construction of the Municipal Supply Central. To improve mobility, she plans to create Las Torres avenue and rehabilitate and pave the Mayab avenue. A health clinic for the police is also in the works.

Campos also highlighted the urban renewal of Puerto Aventuras, which will now have its own civic square at the request of the locals. For Villas del Sol, an environmental education ecological park is planned.

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Campos stated, "Each of these proposals represents a step forward on our path towards a modern, safe, avant-garde Solidaridad, better for all of us who live here. Let's continue with determination and hope, because together we can build a better future for Solidaridad, because together we will continue to renew."

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